Pasta Panarese


This pasta was born in Tuscany in the mid-16th century. Italians love this type of pasta in combination with vegetables. Try the version with spinach, artichokes or wild mushrooms...

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This is a type of pasta and at the same time the name of the dish for which this pasta can be used. It has a similar shape to calamari rings and after preparing a sauce with calama..

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This pasta originated in Naples. It derives its name from Greek. Southern Italy was populated by Greek settlers for a long time, especially in Campania. Perfectly suited to fish sa..

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Pici come from Siena, in Tuscany. In these areas, especially in Montalcino is also referred to as Pinci. This is a type of very thick spaghetti. Most often it is served all'aglione..

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These giant tubes go perfectly with meats and rich sauces. It is also worth tasting them with white or red tuna. This pasta taste delicious with mushrooms, sausage or pesto...

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