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Laundry perfume Chiara Firenze Cipria Bucato 150 ml

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    Chiara Firenze
    Laundry perfume Chiara Firenze Cipria Bucato 150 ml
    Make your laundry incredibly fragrant. Cipria Bucato is a product designed specifically for perfuming washed clothes. Pleasant rose-powdery aromas come from the fragrance additives used in the production of Chiara Firenze interior perfumes, and not from cleaners. The concentrate contains special fabric fixers, thanks to which the fragrance essence adheres to the fabric fibers. This ensures a lasting and intense fragrance. Directions for use: when using, shake the product, 15 ml of the product should be placed in the softener drawer (the cap holds approximately 5 ml of the product); the volume of the added concentrate can be modified depending on the expected effects. For hand washing, add 5 ml of concentrate and use protective gloves. Store the product out of the reach of children, in a dry and cool place. Composition: Geraniol, Linalool, Linalyl acetate, Coumarin, (R) -p-mentha-1,8-diene, Pentadecan-15-olide, Citronellol, Veratic aldehyde, Geranyl Accetete.
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