Chiara Firenze

Chiara Firenze products are a series of unusual interior fragrances. The manufacturer uses a rich palette of ingredients that refer to the history, nature and climate of Tuscany and Florence. Each fragrance in the series is made entirely by hand, the best qualified perfumers and craftsmen are responsible for their production. The manufacturer pays special attention to environmental protection - no plastics are used for production, but natural raw materials such as glass and wood are selected.

Agrumi 200ml

The fragrance is dedicated to the particular way of cultivation of Citrus fruits in pots widespread in Tuscany. This comes from the will of noble families of the past to use these ..

€ 34.00

Maestrale 200ml

The fragrance takes its name from the impetuous and dry wind blowing from the North-West. It is the main wind, the master of navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, which bears Balsam..

€ 34.00

Mediterraneo 200ml

The fragrance takes its name from the nature that overlooks the homonym sea, a smelling journey through landscapes and cultures of ancient traditions with notes of Woods and Resins..

€ 34.00

Mentha 200ml

The freshness of Mint is combined with the earthy and vigorous notes of Cloves and the sweet and spicy notes of Marjoram. Mentha increases energy and supports in moments of great e..

€ 34.00

Nero di bacco 200ml

The fragrance takes its name from grapes, the most typical fruit of Tuscany, that is one of the pulsating hearts of Italian wine production. A story that begins very early, even be..

€ 34.00

Orchidea Selvatica 200ml

The fragrance is dedicated to the many species of wild orchids present in Tuscany, some rare, others very common, but all beautiful. They are small jewels that with their presence ..

€ 34.00

Rosso Fiorentino 200ml

The fragrance takes its name from the father of Florentine Mannerism. His painting is characterized by intense colors, just like this fragrance that chromatically presents the stro..

€ 34.00

Tuscia 200ml

The fragrance takes the name of Etruria after the end of the Etruscan rule, a territory that also included Tuscany. The flowery smell of Incense recalls distant memories that mix w..

€ 34.00

Urtica 200ml

The pungent notes of Nettle are made fresh by Rosemary and Pine, the Savory gives the aromatic note. Urtica frees the mind and promotes concentration. Eucalyptus and Pine give a ba..

€ 34.00

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